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Case Study: Star jockeys compete with punters as part of Crown Casino charity fundraiser

With the spring racing carnival just around the corner, Crown Casino wanted to make the most of the season whilst also supporting an important cause to jockeys. They chose to contact PickStar to arrange three jockeys to get involved in their campaign.

Client: Crown Casino Melbourne

Talent: Hugh Bowman, Kerrin McEvoy, Damien Oliver

Brief: Jockeys to do a quick Q&A and participate in a jockey game against members to raise money for the National Jockey Trust.

Connecting with PickStar

Crown came to PickStar to tap into the high level jockeys available for opportunities on the PickStar marketplace.

Crown organised a game called Video Star for the jockeys to play against members, with the controller of the first virtual horse to cross the finish line declared the winner.

If the member beat the jockey they would win a prize, if the jockey won, then Crown Casino Melbourne would make a donation to the National Jockey Trust.

It is little surprise that these three big name jockeys were keen to get involved and assist with Crown Casino's campaign while also raising funds for their own cause.


Hugh, Kerrin and Damien enjoyed their time competing against the members and participating in a Q&A for the guests.

Crown Casino Melbourne's promotion was also popular with their members, who had a chance to win $25,000 if they beat one of the jockeys.

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